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    Default Add Item in QDIRMODEL + QTREEVIEW

    I have a QDIRMODEL getting displayed in QTREEVIEW.
    I am facing a issue where I need to create a shortcut link for the browsed directory and add it as a link to the treeview
    I have created the shortcut link
    using the QFILE ::LINK api
    but am not able to add the link in the qdirmodel
    The image for the flow is attached

    1) Initial Page -mainwindow1
    2) By pressing the "+" button , window2 comes up
    3) By pressing the "browse" button, the treeview of the filesystem model comes
    4) By pressing any item in the view, the name and location gets displayed , window4.png
    5) Now by pressing the OK button , the directory that came above has to be aaded in the tree
    "My Gallery" ( displayed in mainwindow)
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