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Thread: Qwt axes and really small/large values

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    Default Qwt axes and really small/large values

    I use Qwt and have a range of doubles on my bottom axis which range from 1.012330801e+18 to 1.012330802e+18. What happens is my axis disappears when the number delta is very small.

    I have debugged the code and came across where the problem occurs and it is in QwtScaleArithmetic::ceilEps and QwtScaleArithmetic::floorEps.

    In that code, a qCeil/qFloor is called which converts the value into an integer before returning the value. This integer value will overflow causing the limits to be zero, thus no axis tick/label will be show. Changing the qCeil/qFloor to ceil and floor respectively seems to fix it.

    Since the two routines return a double anyway, was there a reason for using the integer version?


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    Default Re: Qwt axes and really small/large values

    I started to use the wrappers from qmath.h because of some platform incompatibilities ( most for symbian, where obviously nobody is interested in ). In case of qFloor/qCeil I simply missed the integer conversion, that of course is not intended.

    Fixed in SVN,

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