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Thread: QThread expected class name before { token

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    Default Re: QThread expected class name before { token

    hi folks,
    i have got following code and i am having a little bit of problem

    Qt Code:
    1. #include <QThread>
    3. class Fthrclass: public Qthread
    4. {
    5. public:
    6. Fthrclass();
    8. virtual void run();
    9. };
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    problem is if i get rid of "ublic QThread" and "virtual void run" it builds properly otherwise it gives me error "expected class name before { token"

    i have no idea whats happening here, as far as i can see syntax is correct

    i m using QT4.7.1 and qtcreator (g++ for compiler) on linux

    OH crap! i found error! it was QThread instead of Qthread in inheritance... thanx anyways guys, i specially registered to to ask this question and found answer myself the very next time i looked at my code, lolz
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