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Thread: New Mac Install: QT Creator crashes when opening the CppEditor.

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    Default New Mac Install: QT Creator crashes when opening the CppEditor.

    I installed QT 4.7 for Macs on a specific Mac (10.6.6) and simply opened a project, then attempted to open either a header or cpp file, then QT Creator crashed. At first, it happened when I was running the textfinder example, at the point where I connect a signal to a slot. But, then I narrowed it down to the opening of a header or cpp file, which is what the QT Designer tries to do when the signal to slot connection is first assigned.

    I get the following error report:
    Thread Crashed: libCppEditor.dylib
    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS

    The odd thing here is that I did the same install on a co-workers Mac who has a similar box (both of us running Snow Leopard on an iMac) and I can open the header and cpp files with no problem. The Xcode is 3.2 so that isn't the problem. The only difference that I can find in our two boxes is that my co-worker has 2 GB of RAM and I only have 1 GB. According to the QT website, 1 GB is sufficent.

    On my box, I can open the header and cpp files from within QT Creator only if I right-click and select either plain text editor or system editor. The system editor being the Xcode editor.

    I've attached the error report (shortened for size constraint), if it helps. Any thoughts?
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