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Thread: Paraliztion of qt and c++ code...

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    Question Paraliztion of qt and c++ code...

    i have a source code in c++ and qt...but i have to parallise that code using for that i have to convert that source code totally in to c or c++ because using qt it is not possible to parallise that anyone can help me for conversion of qt code in to c or c++...

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    Default Re: Paraliztion of qt and c++ code...

    Qt is a library written in C++ programming language so you do not need to convert anything to C++. Without any more detailed description and without seeing your code it is hard to tell if there is anything that can be computed on multiple threads and what is needed to do so.
    I would like to be a "Guru"

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    If you haven't found solution yet then create new topic with smart question.

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