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Thread: MultiScale support can be implemented?

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    Default MultiScale support can be implemented?

    Hi buddies,

    I have already examined qwt sources those that about scales. And haven't able to found reasonable way to support multi scale.

    MultiScale support which I mean that I want to show lots of curve in one canvas in different scale properties of each one. For example I have 3 curve those that have different scale ranges, and I want to paint each of them in their own scale ranges on the same canvas. So there will not be unique left scale, there will be lots of scale ranges attached to each curve. While plotting the curve, plotter will look up these curve based scale properties, not static (left or right) scale properties.

    What is the probability of doing this feature? And where is the best place to look and start to change?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: MultiScale support can be implemented?

    This feature has been asked many, many times.

    To make it short: Qwt doesn't support more than 4 axes ( = scales ) and if you need this you have to patch Qwt.

    On the Qwt project page at sourceforge you find such a patch in the patches section for an earlier version of Qwt. When you want port it to a current version ( f.e 6.x ) please upload your modified patch in a similar way.


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