I run NetBSD. I have had the following happen with NetBSD 2.1, 3,0, and current 3.99.21. I use pkgsrc to install almost all of my packages. The following happens with pkgsrc-2005Q3, pkgsrc-2005Q4, pkgsrc-2006Q1, and pkgsrc-2006Q2.

When installing QT3, the package Xft2 is also loaded as a dependency and QT3 compiles with Xft2 just fine. However, at run time, QT3 gives the following message every time a QT3 application accesses a font:
"couldn't open fontconfigs chosen font with Xft!!!"
Also, the font scales are all messed up.

The package Xft is not available in pkgsrc. Only Xft2 is currently available.

To work around the situation, install QT3 with the configuration option of -no-xft. You give up using Xft as your font provider, but font scaling is normal, and you no longer get the error messages. This work around is avoiding the real problem, which lies between QT3, fontconfigs, and Xft2. I spent months trying to find an answer, but found mostly posts of the same problem, without a solution. So, I thought this post might benefit others.

I submitted a problem report to pkgsrc in the hopes that someone with better expertise at fonts might find a real solution.