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Thread: "mingwm10.dll" missing from pc...

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    Default "mingwm10.dll" missing from pc...

    Well,to day I tried opening an .exe file of a app I had made in Qt Creator,but when I double-click it(the .exe),it says like: mingwm10.dll is missing from your computer,please reinstall the program.."

    Should I reinstall Qt..or what?

    And btw:I have Kaspersky AV and each time I run/build/qmake a new project it shows me a warning...but then runs normally.
    Does it happen to anyone else?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: "mingwm10.dll" missing from pc...

    Each computer application linked dynamically needs the libraries it was compiled against to run properly. Put the required dll files in places where your operating system can find them while launching your application. If you don't know how to do that - search the forum, this is a basic issue brought up by people who don't know the basics of programming and has been dealt with here lots of times.
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    Default Re: "mingwm10.dll" missing from pc...

    Well,all fixed.Thank you.


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