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Thread: find source code for kde ( or gnome ) clock

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    Default find source code for kde ( or gnome ) clock

    I am working with the QSystemTrayIcon class which allows you to display an icon or text
    in the system tray area.

    I need to figure out how the kde system clock is able to show the time, day of week and the time in the system tray area.

    I am looking for the source code for this application.

    Not sure where to look to find it ? Any suggestions or advice would be great!

    Thank you.

    Fred B.

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    Default Re: find source code for kde ( or gnome ) clock

    By the way, KDE system clock is not in the system tray area, it's a regular plasma widget. Speaking in Qt language it is a QGraphicsWidget. If you want to implement something like that, you need to implement the Plasma::Applet interface. It's documented here:
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