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Thread: Chat application using web services

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    Default Chat application using web services

    Hi I want to create a web based client chat application in Qt. I don't want to use Tcp network socket connections. There will be wsdl file for chat application. I will create soapproxy code from wsdl file using gSoap. Then i will integrate that code inside Qt app and soapproxy code will be called from Qt client application. So do you think this idea is possible in Qt? I have integrated proxycode with Qt using gsoap in past. But I am not quite sure that chat application is possible using wsdl webservice in Qt. Any suggestions regarding design architecture most welcome.

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    Default Web services

    I found this is possible using web services in dot net by creating asmx on webserver.
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    Default Re: Chat application using web services

    I have no idea, but everything is possible!

    Maybe somebody will answer seriously, if you ask a much more specific question showing that you tried something to solve the riddle yourself.

    Good luck!


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