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Thread: How to implement Table having mulitple headers for rows and columns.

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    Default How to implement Table having mulitple headers for rows and columns.


    I want to create a custom control which supports multiple header for rows and columns. Please have a look into attached image. Also rows and columns of a table can be grouped by clicking on row/column header.

    For ex:

    I want to use model/view features of Qt for this.
    One thought is that I can have QTableView + QAbstractItemModel. And For row and column headers I can use separate QTreeView + QAbstractItemModel. So the hiding of rows and columns when user does collapse/expand on row or column header needs to be handled manually.

    I am still new to Qt. So I want suggestions for implementing this kind of control in Qt.
    Which kind of Qt's view and model should I use, so that maximum features provided by Qt can be used?
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