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Thread: Y axis not auto scaling

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    Default Re: Y axis not auto scaling

    I wanted to have a graph with x axis as date time. So I took cue from cpu plot example and subclass QwtScaleDraw in pretty much the same way.
    After I QwtPlot::setAxisScaleDraw() xbottom with the new subclass, the Y axis doesn't scale. It shows 1 to 1000 i.e. the default.
    I roamed around this thread a little and found QwtPlot::setAxisScale disables auto scaling. Not knowing if it is called implicitly I used QwtPlot::setAxisAutoScale(yleft) before replot() but y axis still shows the default 1 to 1000.
    What am i doing wrong??

    Added after 18 minutes:

    Ok Ok .. My Bad... I was deserializing from file... somehow while creating the object again i attached all the curves to the right y axis... Oops...
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