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Thread: Library dependency issue

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    Default Library dependency issue

    I've a problem with an application that I'm developing.

    In this application, I've three projects:

    A - The application
    B - a library used by the application
    C - a library used by B

    in the B project, I declare the class in his header file (libB.h), like this:

    Qt Code:
    1. #include "libB_global.h"
    2. #include "libC.h"
    4. class METEOGRIDSHARED_EXPORT AtmosphericGrid
    5. {
    7. ... some code using library C
    9. }
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    To do this, in the .pro of the B project I add the path in which the class header of library C is defined, and I add the header of that class, so che .pro of the library B contains something like this:

    Qt Code:
    1. # Including project C
    2. INCLUDEPATH += ../../libC
    3. HEADERS += libC.h
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    Now, in the application A, I want to use library B. To do this, I add in the .pro file of A application, the following lines:

    Qt Code:
    1. # Using B Library
    3. LIBS += ../../bin/
    4. INCLUDEPATH += ../../B
    5. HEADERS += libB.h
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    But, if I do this, I've a compiler error:

    In file included from ../A/main.cpp:5:0:
    ../../libB/libB.h:6:29: fatal error: libC.h: missing file or directory
    (the message cannot be equal, because I've translated it from italian).

    In practice, it does not compile because in A I've a reference for the C header (included in the B header).
    In other words, to compile A, I need header B, that includes header C that I must define in A. If I don't define C path in A, it doesn't work But I don't want to do this, because I lost all advantages in using different projects.

    I'd like that A depends only from B, withouht taking in account all dependies of B, but it'a impossible if I use header files as I'a actually doing.
    How can I achieve this result?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Default Re: Library dependency issue

    You need to move #include "libC.h" from "libB.h" to "libB.cpp" or equivalent. Use forward declarations in libB.h instead.
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