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Thread: QDialogButtonBox buttons size

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    Default QDialogButtonBox buttons size

    In my program i am dinamically inserting buttons into a QDialogButtonBox, but i want them to be really big.
    No matter what i try to do, they are always standard size.
    can someone point me to a correct stylesheet or anything to achive that?

    right now i'm inserting new buttons like that:
    Qt Code:
    1. ui->buttonBox->addButton("OK", QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole);
    2. ui->buttonBox->addButton("Yes", QDialogButtonBox::YesRole);
    3. ui->buttonBox->addButton("No", QDialogButtonBox::NoRole);
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    Default Re: QDialogButtonBox buttons size

    Think again why you want to use QDialogButtonBox, QDialogButtonBox is generally used for platform specific look and feel, if you change the buttons layout / sizes, the basic purpose of platform specific is lost. I would recommend to have you own custom QDialog, and add buttons to it.

    Ok, as far as QDialogButtonBox is concerned, it has its own size constrains (as is a QWidget by itself). So you need to set the size of ButtonBox first and then set size all the child buttons in it, something like this

    Qt Code:
    1. buttonBox->setMinimumHeight(100);
    2. QList<QAbstractButton *> buttons = buttonBox->buttons();
    3. while(buttons.size())
    4. buttons.takeFirst()->setMinimumHeight(buttonBox->minimumHeight());
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