I'm currently working on a project. I've been doing so in one computer for a while now, but now need to install Qt in another computer as well. I'm also intending on rebuilding Qt so that I can use it with VC++ 2008 Express, which I've already done before.

However, I can't even get that far. I already have the SDK installed in the first computer, so I have no real need for it in this other one (I'll be using both), so I thought I'd only download the libraries (http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/windows-cpp-vs2008). However, if I do that, I get a NSIS "Installer integrity error." I've downloaded twice and got the same error. I then decided that, having no other choice, I'd get the SDK again. This time, the program runs, but once I decide whether I want a Custom or Standard Install (I've tried both) and click "Install," the installer immediately throws an error.

I'm now doing a copy-paste of the Qt folder from the first computer (which is working) to this one. I'll then recompile the library once its in here. Will this work (Since this takes a few hours, I'd rather not waste my time if it won't)? And what's wrong with the installers?