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Thread: Logging battery voltage and current

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    Lightbulb Logging battery voltage and current

    Hey people, I am new to this forum and actually to Qt as well. I need my app to gather some statistics such as the battery current and voltage mainly. Now I found out that Qt Mobility 1.2 has a class called QSystemBatteryInfo which can give all these details but I am unable to run Qt Mobility 1.2 on my laptop (Windows). Since Qt Mobility 1.2 does not come with built in with the SDK, I am having a tough time with it. As for Symbian APIs, I am aware of a power API but that's only for Symbian^3 devices and the one I am working on, a Nokia 5800, its a Symbian^1 device. So I am kind of stuck. I dnt think there's any feature in Java ME to check this.
    Now since Qt APIs are usually built on top of a core Symbian API, I want to find out the API, QSystemBatteryInfo is using to get all the current and voltage values for the battery or somehow be able to get voltage and current values. Could somebody please help me out ?

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    Not really sure what your asking, but I'll give it a go.

    If you want to know what QtMobility uses to get the battery voltage and current on a particular platform then you can just view the source code, as it's open source.

    I've used "Nokia Energy Monitor" in the past, but I don't know if its compatible with Symbian 1 platforms.

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