I was hoping to get some input on using a QT Tree Widget. I am setting up a list of topics and variables for the topics that will be updated when I receive new information via a signal.

This means that when a signal is first received I will create a new TreeItem for the signal's topic, and subsequently create the variable items under that topic. After this, any time the signal is again received, the previously created TreeItem should be updated.

I am having issues with the updating part. I am not sure if I should be using something other than a tree widget, or how to keep tabs on the individual items after the called function (from signal) has processed. I know and have seen how to edit an item that was clicked within the list, but I can't seem to grab the TreeItem from within the code and not using the "currentItem" value. I even tried to use findItem to find the topic within the tree widget, but it does not seem to edit the item.

Any suggestions or sources on the topic would be appreciated. No code is included because I do not believe it is useful for the question.