Hello everyone,

I have been writing a plug-in for a PyQT driven app, and my plug-in utilizes a QMainWindow to read in user input, display the fit of the data, etc..My problem right now is that for the life of me I can't figure out how to make Python stop executing code until I close the main window. If it doesn't stop execution, the program thinks the plug-in is finished running and that data is no longer being changed, which causes the program to behave in rather bizarre ways, when you do go change data. It seems that you can get the pause in execution if I were to call a QDialog, but I can't get all the stuff I need into a dialog box. It sounds like the dialog boxes have the exec_() method built in but the QMainWindows don't, and I really need that wait until close functionality... I've tried using a separate thread to no avail (perhaps I am doing it wrong), but any sort of advice at this point would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for any input.