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Thread: Debugging Qt apps on Mac

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    Default Debugging Qt apps on Mac


    Just wondering what peoples experiences of qt app devt on Mac are, in particular debugging.

    I do all my qt development Windows using vs 2010, and of course am very used to the truly excellent integrated debugger it provides. Doing the Mac port of a qt app I have found is almost always a case of just recompile on Mac (with make not xcode), and it all runs fine. Thanks of course mainly to qt.

    But today, for the first time, I had need to trace through a problem in a debugger on the Mac. So I built the app in xcode to debug. It built OK, but when it came to the debugging I just could not believe how staggeringly awful the xcode debugger is. It was like going back in time to a more primitive era. I know many people swoon about how great the Mac is in usability etc and for end users maybe it is, but MS Visual Studio vs xcode? No comparison.

    Am I alone in finding xcode that bad? Just wondered what other peoples experiences of qt app debugging on Mac is? Is there a better way than xcode?

    (I was using xcode 3.2.5 on MacOS 10.6.6)

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    Default Re: Debugging Qt apps on Mac

    I am experiencing the same problems on Mac OS X Mountain Lion + Xcode 4.5.2 + Qt 4.8.4. Debugger is really crazy when trying to debug a Qt application, it suddenly jumps around the code, steps into Qt functions even when I tell it to step over, sometimes it fires the breakpoints at places where I didn't ask it to stop, when trying to watch the value of a variable it often tells something like "undeclared identifier", although it is obviously declared and defined and I can perfectly print it in the code.

    Could anybody give an advice how to debug Qt applications with Xcode? Maybe I am using some wrong options. However, I didn't change anything about that, just using the project generated by qmake -spec macx-xcode. Build configuration is set to Debug.

    Or maybe there is a better IDE for Mac OS X?

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