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Thread: Weird QwtLegend Behaviour

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    Default Weird QwtLegend Behaviour

    So my QwtPlot is populated with data and plotted when the user imports a file. The data can also be scaled in realtime using some combo boxes. The problem I am having is if the user imports another file then the other plot curves and the corresponding legend items are not being deleted. I am using:


    Which in the case that I am rescaling the curves works perfectly fine, but for some reason when I re-import a file the curves do not get deleted. Any ideas to why this might be happening?

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    Default Re: Weird QwtLegend Behaviour

    Quote Originally Posted by BettaUseYoNikes View Post
    Any ideas to why this might be happening?
    Should be a problem of the application code: detachItems is o.k..


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