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Thread: Source Model Ad Proxy Model

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    Default Source Model Ad Proxy Model

    Hello forum,

    I have subclassed the QAbstractItemModel to create a tree model and assigned it to the tree view to show the data in tree hierarchy. Now i want to highlight a tree item based on the input of the line edit.

    Even if the child item is not expanded, it will be highlighted if the line edit expression is matched. I have the following questions.

    1 I have instantiated the proxyModel and set to the source model.

    2. The Tree view set the proxymodel instead the main model, Is that ok?

    I do not want to alter any item in the tree view except the fact that the matched item will be highlighted. But i am having the item to be filtered as well(only the matched item is shown in the tree view and the rest are removed from the view), which i do not want. I want to highlight the matched item.

    Looking forward to some hints on this issue


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