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Thread: Qt StyleSheet collection

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    Default Qt StyleSheet collection


    I have been trying to set a stylesheet on my application, so it has a more fancy look, rather than the original OS look.

    The problem is that I am not much of a designer, so the results are not as good as I would want, therefore, I have been googling some sample styles, and my intention is to collect those examples, so people looking for styles (as I did), can find some nice examples to start going.

    I haven't found many samples, but here they go: <- Provided by Qt, almost all the widgets covered. <- QSlider <- A side bar <- Button bar

    I hope you will get involved and provide more styles you have used or from a GPL project you might know of.

    PS: A Mac OS X-like stylesheet would be great

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    Default Re: Qt StyleSheet collection

    There is only one site for the moment which proposes a true professional collection it is Qss Stock:
    And sharing with max it is under the license MIT so it's free.

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