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Thread: how to install qt designer plugin?

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    Question how to install qt designer plugin?

    I was working out example of analog clock plugin qtdir/qt/examples/designer/worldtimeclockplugin. Build succeeded and got output as "" in by Linux. What to do next to get this plugin listed in my QtDesigner?
    Please reply

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    Default Re: how to install qt designer plugin?


    you need to copy the library to a "designer" subdirectory of your plugin directory. Especially during development, you can also use the QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to point to the plugin directory (but you still need the designer sub directory). See also
    The "Help/About plugins" menu is quite helpful when plugins are not recognized by QtDesigner, since it also lists missing library dependencies. Also take care that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains all directories where additional dependend libraries might be located.

    Hope this helps,


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