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Thread: Bring the item to the front at mouse press event

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    Default Bring the item to the front at mouse press event

    Hello forum,

    I have many items in the graphics scene and i have sub-classed the graphics view. I would like to brint the selected item to the front once the item is selected with a mouse click.

    I have created a slot that does the job , but a bit confused about the signal to throw.

    I want to get it done with the mouse press event.

    Any suggestion ?


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    Default Re: Bring the item to the front at mouse press event

    I think you need to use setZValue() -- give a Z value to each item and when you want one on top, give it the biggest Z value. (As Z value is a qreal, you won't run out of numbers soon, but still scaling back the values after long editing sessions would be neat -- just in case...)

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