i am trying to run a GUI application inside mini2440(FriendlyARM board that runs Qtopia).
I followed instructions from


& the following from "tslib & Qt compilation" compilation


i have set up necessary environment on my machine and also in Qt Creator as given in the blog.

i have followed all the instructions from this blog, but when i try to execute this application inside ubuntu bash terminal

(here i am connected to mini2440 using telnet
and the GUI application binary is in "/opt/Qtopia/bin")

i get the following error
Qt Code:
  1. [root@FriendlyARM bin]# ./HelloWorld
  2. QWSDisplay::Data::init: Invalid argument
  3. Client can't attach to main ram memory.
  4. Aborted
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what is the problem here, was there any mistakes during my compilation.??

now that i understand that this is terminal and can't run GUI apps, but when i try to run this application inside mini2440 board, nothing happens, Qtopia/system doesn't even recognizes the binary and "?" sign appears as the application icon.

What is wrong with this?? and what will i have to do to make this happen(run GUI application compiled from Qt Creator 2.0.1 in Linux) ???