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Thread: Set zoomTo for QCamera?

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    Default Set zoomTo for QCamera?

    Hello guys.
    I want to set zoom value for camera of N8 in my project. But i don't know how to set it. And how to set auto focus for camera of N8?
    Help me!

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    Default Re: Set zoomTo for QCamera?

    QCameraFocus has function zoomTo(), which you can use -- if it has been implemented.
    (Get a pointer to you camera object's QCameraFocus member with focus = camera->focus() and just set the digital zoom.)

    As for auto focus, I didn't know N8 has any other type or at least it should be the default..., in any case, user focus->setFocusMode(QCameraFocus::AutoFocus);

    Perhaps your camera doesn't focus if you do not call camera->searchAndLock() to lock focus before capturing the shot.

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