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Thread: Qt Designer making dynamic GUIs

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    Default Qt Designer making dynamic GUIs

    I'm trying to figure out a way of using Qt Designer to make a dynamic GUI. For example, let's say I have a main window with a horizontal layout. I have a push button on one side and an empty area on the other. When I click the button the empty area will be filled with a widget that I've made in Qt Designer. When the button is pressed again the widget will be replaced with another widget that I've made in Qt Designer. Would I have to go about making all my widgets, to fill the empty area, custom widgets?

    I've tried setting the parent to the empty are, but on the second change I get this

    QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "t2", which already has a layout

    So then I tried deleting the layout but still see the old widget underneath the new one and the layout is now messed up.

    help please

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    Default Re: Qt Designer making dynamic GUIs

    Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

    Please ask Qt related questions on the forum and not using private messages or visitor messages.

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