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Thread: Qt Creator doesn't stop at breakpoints ?

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    Default Re: Qt Creator doesn't stop at breakpoints ?

    I ill share my experience in the last week and how i can solve this problem. I was using the " win7 terminal" or "console" from qtcreator to run and debug a application. I've change in the "run options" to dont use the terminal and print the results in qt creator ide. This solve the problem. I could see that is a issue with qt creator and win7 terminal.

    perhaps this can be a issue to be reported.

    Thanks for help.

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    Default Re: Qt Creator doesn't stop at breakpoints ?

    I have been seeing this behavior occasionally: Breakpoints work for a while, then stop working, what I have to do is delete all breakpoints, restart creator, re-run qmake and put them back and rebuild in order for them to work. I haven't figured out what causes this to occur or if this is an overkill solution but this is what I do.

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