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    Default Understanding widget plugins....


    I have been trying to install any custom widget into Qt Creator/Designer for a couple of days by following various examples online. I'm sure there's just something simple oversight I'm missing, any advice would be appreciated. My platform is Qt Creator 2.3.1 based on Qt 4.7.4. on Ubuntu 10.04.

    Attached please find a working project based on the following tutorial:

    It simply extends the standard QLabel with some additional properties. The project builds (in release mode) and then I run make install to copy the .so to the plugin directory. On my system, this defaults to:


    I restart Qt Creator, create a new UI project, but the custom widget doesn't appear in any of the menus. If I go to:

    Tools -> Form Editor -> About Qt Designer Plugins

    only one plugin is listed, QWebView (which seems strange to me considering there are several .so in the directory above bundled with my distribution).

    1) What am I missing?
    2) Is this the correct directory?
    3) How does one debug plugins (i.e. is there a log of errors when Qt scans the plugin directory?)

    thanks in advance!
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