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Thread: Qwt Install - src folder not copied during install

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    Default Qwt Install - src folder not copied during install

    Hi everyone,

    I know there has been a lot of posts regarding Qwt install and I apologize for adding one more.

    I followed the step mentioned in the install documentation (I am using MinGw) and it worked all OK until step 3 (make install). A this point, the files copying process starts and copy the documentation with no problem. However when it gets to the src folder it seems not to be able to find the files to copy (error message is in french but would look something like "specified file could not be found"). This error appears for every single file in this folder.

    I looked a bit closer and it seems that it can copy files when the source directory displayed begins like "..\..". However if it begins with "d:\c++\qwt-6.0.1" (full path) it does not work anymore...

    Any idea on what's happening

    Thanks a lot for any help

    EDIT: I ended-up extracting the zip file and installing qwt (step 3) in the same folder and it works. No idea why it didn't work before
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