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Thread: QSlider & QLabel : setText after SIGNAL from QSlider not working

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    Default QSlider & QLabel : setText after SIGNAL from QSlider not working


    As the title states, I have some issues with a QSlider/QLabel connection.

    I simply want to show the slider's position in a label as a text and update it every time the slider is changed (and all this in a QMessageBox).

    Here's the failing code :

    Qt Code:
    1. /* In the mainFrame constructor ... */
    3. delete choiceBoxB.layout();
    4. choiceBoxBLayout = new QVBoxLayout;
    5. choiceBoxB.setLayout(choiceBoxBLayout);
    6. sliderPosB = new QLabel("100%");
    7. percentageSliderB = new QSlider(Qt::Horizontal);
    8. percentageSliderB->setMinimum(0);
    9. percentageSliderB->setMaximum(200);
    10. percentageSliderB->setSliderPosition(100);
    11. connect(percentageSliderB,SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),this,SLOT(updateSliderBPos(int)));
    12. choiceBoxBLayout->addWidget(sliderPosB);
    13. choiceBoxBLayout->addWidget(percentageSliderB);
    15. /* ... */
    17. void mainFrame::updateSliderBPos(int value){
    18. sliderPosB->setText(QString("%1%").arg(value));
    19. }
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    Every variable or object or class has been declared in the header file (no compiling issues).

    For some reason I don't understand, it worked almost fine once but I couldn't find out what was not working, that wasn't enough.

    The purpose of the slider and the label is to allow user to choose a percentage to change the brightness of an image (project in an image editor).

    Thanks for your help,


    UPDATE :

    I forgot to mention that the input text is perfectly fine (tested with std::cout) and that the signal works fine too. It is the setText that is not working properly.
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