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Thread: How to show scrollbars when magnifying a plot?

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    Default How to show scrollbars when magnifying a plot?

    I'm usign qwt 6.0.1 with qt 4.7.1.

    I modified realtime demo: in the costructor of RandomPlot I added this line:
    QwtPlotMagnifier * Magnifier = new QwtPlotMagnifier(canvas());
    All works ok with zoomer and magnifier, but when I use mouse wheel to magnify the plot, it doesn't show the scrollbars autoamtically, instead the qwtplotzoomer does.

    How do I enable scroll bar appearence with magnifier too?

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    Default Re: How to show scrollbars when magnifying a plot?

    You can't - at least not with code of the example.

    But you can try to understand the ScrollZoomer class and move the handling of the scrollbars to your application code and connect it to QwtScaleWidget::scaleDivChanged() signals.


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