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Thread: OpenGl textures in Qt

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    Default OpenGl textures in Qt

    I'm new to openGL programming.
    All the examples I try using QGLWidget, but lately I've encountered a problem with creating texture filteres. My GL tutorials suggest createing them using glTexParameter() and glTexImage2D() calls and so on. But as I use QGLWidget's bindTexture() function to bind a texture, I don't see any difference whether I try to create it with linear filtering or nearest or MipMapped. I was unable to find anything in assistant.

    So, finally the question is - how to create differently filtered textures via QGLWidget?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: OpenGl textures in Qt

    The section named "Chapter 7" here: , deals with texture filters. I can see the difference here - but it might have to do with graphics cards and such...

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