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    Dear All
    I am Sujan a freelance software developer from India. We’re developing softwares for more than 8 years in the field of CC++. The toolkits that we use are CC++,Qt, Qwt, VC++, MFC, OpenGL, SQL, MYSQL,SQLITE and many more.
    Our expertise areas are CAD/CAM/CFD/CAE/DataBase/SQL/MYSQL/SQLITE. We handle CAD projects with 3D Graphics simulation using openGL, Virtual Systems, audio-visual interactive systems etc. Please feel free to contact for your problems with Sujan @91-9900839788 or at the below mentioned addresses.
    Sujan Dasmahapatra
    B.E. (Aeronautics)
    Bangalore, India
    mail id :
    yahoo msn :
    icq # 556023244

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    Thanks for your complete information. I will try to contact you soon.
    Its really a good opportunity. I will contact with more people and i
    will share this great news.

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