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Thread: Unable to display image in windows

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    Default Unable to display image in windows

    Hello Experts,

    I am trying to display an image using ImageMagick library in Windows XP. But it is not displaying any thing. I wrote the code as bellow

    Qt Code:
    1. Image magickImage;
    2. Blob blob;
    3. QByteArray imgData;
    4. QPixmap pxmap;
    8. magickImage.magick("RGBA");
    10. magickImage.write(&blob);
    12. imgData = ((char*)(;
    14. pxmap.loadFromData(imgData,"RGBA");
    16. paint.drawPixmap(0,0,pxmap.width(),pxmap.height(),pxmap);
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    This code is not displaying any thing on screen. If I place "XMP" instead of "RGBA" then the code is working on Linux. But with XMP the application is breaking in windows.

    Can you please help me what's the wrong with the above code.

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Unable to display image in windows

    At the very least your arguments the QPixmap::loadFromData() are wrong. You should also check the return value to see if the data was successfully loaded.

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