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Thread: QSharedMemory + video frames + synthetic signals

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    Question QSharedMemory + video frames + synthetic signals

    Hi all,

    I'm currently attempting to propagate signals between two processes.

    In my old application, I was emitting a pointer to a byte array containing the RGB 8bit still from a video stream at 15fps.

    I want to do this now between two processes, using qshared memory. I need to have a boolean flag which is set by the process which provides the video still, and polled by the parent process. If that bool becomes true, it means that another part of shared memory contains the video still.

    The video is 640x480px, at a size of 1228800 bits.

    Will speed become an issue if I am locking, writing, unlocking in the child and locking, reading, unlocking in the parent?

    I also intend to use this as a method of propagating signals between the processes, because for windows there doesn't seem to be a better method. Would this result in any speed issues as well?

    Edit: I'm also trying to figure out how to spawn a child process which could actually do this.
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