I looked at previous threads on this subject but my case is a bit different
I get this error in OpenSUSE 11.4

In order to avoid the issue of different Qt libraries when I compiled my local downloaded version I used the postfix option and now my libraries are looks like this for example: libQtGuiStr474.so where str is a 3 letter string I provided.
When I linked my application with my Qt libraries it is now looking for my specific version (I verified that with ldd command)

I define LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the application directory with all my qt compiled libraries to be the first in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
So when I execute the application it will look for my Qt shared libraries and in no way it looks for the system ones, and still I get this message.

Is there some singleton object that once a Qt library is running it prevents any other qt version libraries to run? I find that hard to believe

any ideas how to solve this?
Thank you