I want to access all of the WebCore classes from a Qt project, starting with Element.
Examples of why:

* Access all nodes including text nodes
* want to access the renderer for a node to get layout info

Thought this post was relevant but wrong platform, out of date, does not work with MSVC 2010, and had to add DEFINES such as BUILDING_QT_ extracted from QtWebKit makefiles, but I’m getting a bunch of unresolved symbol errors on linking that I don’t have the skills to fix. If I link to JSCore.lib, then I get duplicate symbols.

If anyone has proven way of achieving this in Qt, or suggestions for change to Qt source, cool! Otherwise anyone done this?
At the moment I'm modifying QtWebKit and adding additional methods to QWebPage etc.

The level of abstraction in QtWebKit is too great for non-standard scenarios.