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Thread: Can't save excel file with QaxObject

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    Default Can't save excel file with QaxObject

    So guys here is my code. I sit here for hours and cannot find any solution

    QAxWidget excel("Excel.Application");
    excel.setProperty("Visible", false );
    QAxObject * workbooks = excel.querySubObject("WorkBooks");
    QAxObject *workbook = workbooks->querySubObject( "Open(const QString&)", FileName.c_str() );
    QAxObject * worksheet = workbook->querySubObject("Worksheets(int)", 1);
    worksheet->setProperty("Name", "Anlagenart1");
    //here I write into the file
    //now I want to save
    QVariant newFileName(ResultName.c_str());
    excel.setProperty("Visible", true );
    workbooks->querySubObject("SaveAs (const QString&)", ResultName.c_str());
    workbook->dynamicCall("SaveAs (const QString&)", ResultName.c_str());
    workbook->querySubObject("SaveAs (const QString&)", ResultName.c_str());
    excel.dynamicCall("SaveAs (const QVariant&)",newFileName );
    workbook->querySubObject("SaveAs (const QString&)", QString("c:\test\docbyqt.xls"));

    You can see that I tried almost every combination with no success....Please help me and save my day ^^

    When I try to save it as "test.xls" ist works and the file goes to "my documents"...any other folder do not work
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    Default Re: Can't save excel file with QaxObject

    try '/' instead of '\'
    hope that helps.
    regards, jh

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    Default Re: Can't save excel file with QaxObject

    Qt Code:
    1. workbook->querySubObject("SaveAs (const QString&)", QString("c:\test\docbyqt.xls"));
    To copy to clipboard, switch view to plain text mode 
    To further expand on this: the "\t" combination is being interpreted as a "tab" escape sequence. If you want to use backslashes (\) instead of forward slashes (/) to delimit file names, then you have to escape each one by doubling it: "c:\\test\\docbyqt.xls" This is standard C/C++, but it is a frequent mistake.

    I have no idea if the querySubObject() call is correct. I would be surprised if QString is acceptable as a parameter in a COM call, but maybe QAxObject does some magic to turn it into a BSTR.

    And please use [CODE] tags when you post source code.

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    Default Re: Can't save excel file with QaxObject

    thanks for the help, works fine now with \\!

    the next time i will use code

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