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Thread: How to call a Qt function from Java swing

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    Default How to call a Qt function from Java swing


    I now have a Qt project (qtmm - This project is a working Qt application.

    Now I need to use some functions of this project in Java. I mean calling a Qt function from Java swing application. Does anyone know how to do it

    Or, is there any way to export Qt project to a library and use that library in Java.

    I've found QtJambi but it seems to be used for GUI only. (not really sure about this)

    Please help, Thanks

    PS: the Qt app qtmm above has a function of reading AudioInput and process it, return a string. The function will emit a signal when new string available. I wonder if is there any way to read this string from Java swing. Maybe something like a BlockingQueue as sink for Qt app putting new string in that, and Java app take that string.

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    Default Re: How to call a Qt function from Java swing


    You can use JNI to JNA. See this posts

    Be aware that qtmm might generate a library that you can use with JNI so you might need to fork that project and create a library from it that would be usable with JNI or JNA.

    Hope this help.

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