Hello all,
I'm not sure of this is the right venue for this question. I'm a novice to programming, having just started to read up on python and Qt for a few months now. I've perused this forum and checked out the Newbie section, and I have to admit that I don't understand the questions let alone the answers.
If these are Newbie's then I think I will need a new designation for my question.
I am attempting to write an app that is based on aimlbot with added voice and a QT GUI for it to run in. I've gotten the Bot to run, added the voice but am having trouble trying to connect the Qt Designer created GUI to my python code. I have converted it to python code, then import it into my main app.

I've been googling and checking out the on line doc's and tutorials but, I guess I'm not as bright as I'd like to think I am. Forget Qt's site, between the C++ and the way they are written they might as well be in Sanskrit for all that I am able to get out of them.

How do I connect the output from my program to the QPLainText slot? Also how do I get the keyboard input to display on the lineEdit?

Should I use stdin, stdout, Qprocess, connectslotby name? A combo of these or D, None of the above.
Qt Code:
  1. class arty5(QtGui.QMainWindow, arty_5new.Ui_MainWindow):
  3. def __init__(self, parent=None):
  4. super(arty5, self).__init__(parent)
  6. self.setupUi(self)
  8. def connectActions(self):
  9. self.artyTextMain = QPlainText(self)
  10. self.artyTextMain.setTextFormat(QPlainText)
  11. self.textedit = QPlainTextEdit(self)
  12. self.process = QProcess()
  13. self.connect(self.process, SIGNAL("readyReadStdout()"), self.readOutput)
  14. self.connect(self.process, SIGNAL("readyReadStdin()"), self.readInput)
  15. self.connect(self.textEdit,SIGNAL("returnPressed()"),self.usr_enter)
  16. print "show input: %s" % self.textEditInput.toPlainText()
  17. self.process.start()
  20. QString("arty_5new.py");
  21. myProcess(start("arty_5new.py"));
  24. QProcess(execute(ex, args));
  25. def main(self):
  26. self.show()
  28. def readOutput(self):
  30. self.textEdit.append(QString(self.process.readStdout()))
  31. if self.process.isRunning()==False:
  32. self.textEdit.append("\n Completed Successfully")
  34. def startCommand(self):
  35. self.process.setArguments(QStringList.split(" ", self.Textedit.text()))
  36. self.process.closeStdin()
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I've tossed several different bits and pieces together in vein trying to get it to kick. I get the GUI to open, but my input and output is still through the shell instead of the GUI.

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for this question and for my own ineptitude.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.