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Thread: Qtopia 4.2 Open Source edition released!

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    Default Qtopia 4.2 Open Source edition released!

    Successful dual licensing business model further extended with Qtopia Open Source Edition

    Oslo, Norway, 19 December - 2006 - Trolltech®, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced the release of Qtopia 4.2.0. With the 4.2.0 release, Qtopia offers complete VoIP and WiFi functionality in addition to enhancements of existing telephony capabilities. Other highlights in the Qtopia 4.2.0 release include an enhanced multimedia player based on the RealNetworks® Helix™ DNA™ Client, basic MIDI support, ease of graphics design with SVG support and support for second or multiple displays.

    The Qtopia 4.2.0 release also offers the most extensive open source release for the Qtopia product family to date, further fostering innovation in a rapidly expanding Qtopia developer community. Qtopia Core – for single-application embedded devices – has long been available under the General Public License (GPL) and with this new release, open source is now extended across the complete Qtopia product family.

    Qtopia Open Source Edition contains everything that is in the commercial source version, except digital rights management (DRM) and telephony components. With the expanded Qtopia open source offering, Trolltech fully extends its successful dual licensing business model throughout its product offerings.

    "Qtopia Greenphone, announced earlier this year, sparked an overwhelming level of interest in the mobile device developer community", said Adam Lawson, product director, mobile and embedded solutions, Trolltech. "With Qtopia Open Source Edition, open source developers have yet another means to demonstrate the innovation possible on mobile phones and other mobile devices."
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    Default Re: Qtopia 4.2 Open Source edition released!

    That is great news! Thanks!

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