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Qt Commercial Charts 1.0.0 Beta released
6/7/2012 1:01 PM | Posted by: Sami Makkonen

We have now reached one intermediate step before final release of the Qt Commercial Charts. The beta version is now available in the Qt Commercial Customer portal for download. We would also like to thank all for the feedback we have received from the tech preview version.

From a functionality perspective, the biggest changes are in the QML API, but of course, there are a lot of small new features in all the chart types. We have also refactored some of the implementation and that work will continue as we approach the final release.

Main Changes between Preview and Beta

QML API now defined and mostly implemented.

QBarSeries now enables defining the bar placement in the X-Axis. This enables, for example, drawing synchronized line and bar series. The previous implementation of the QBarSeries is now a new series type called QGroupedBarSeries

Model API has been refactored and moved from the series classes to separate model mapper classes

First version of Qt Designer plugin included

We have included an example for handling gestures (pinch zoom and panning) in the charts application

QML Charts

The QML API is one of the main areas where there is a lot of new functionality in the beta when compared to the tech preview version. We have tried to create as intuitive and QML- like API as possible and also placed a lot of thought on how to integrate the different data sources into a QML application.