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Thread: How to handle Close Event ?

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    Default How to handle Close Event ?

    My Application has a QTabWidget as the central widget. I want to implement dock/undock functionality for its tabs. Each tab has a button and a local variable to save its state (dock or undock).

    Qt Code:
    1. ....
    2. bool isDocked = true;
    3. ....
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    inside button click event

    Qt Code:
    1. if (isDocked)
    2. {
    3. ....
    4. removePage(tab);
    5. tab->reparent(0, QPoint(0,0), true);
    6. isDocked = false;
    7. }
    8. else
    9. {
    10. ....
    11. addTab(tab, name);
    12. isDocked = true;
    13. }
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    This works fine. My problem is the close event. If the tab is Undocked, it appears as a top level widget(with min/max/close buttons). If the user clicked the close button tab should be docked. I have reimplemented tab's closeEvent to get this functionality. closeEvent implementation is same as the button clicked implementation. but it works first time only. after that if i press the close button it does nothing. What can be the problem ? I am using Qt 3. thanks.

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    Default Re: How to handle Close Event ?

    Show us the complete code for the closeEvent.
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