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Thread: conditional includes in pro file

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    Default conditional includes in pro file


    My application has been written in such a manner that a stripped back 'lite' version can be compiled simply by not including the extra .h and .cpp files.
    As far as I understand it this can be achieved in the .pro file like so:
    Qt Code:
    1. CONFIG += full_version
    3. SOURCES += core.cpp
    4. HEADERS += core.h
    6. full_version {
    7. SOURCES += extra.cpp
    8. HEADERS += extra.h
    9. .....
    10. }
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    The first time I compiled and ran this I got the full application in the exe. However if I make a change to the pro file, say, comment out the Config line, effectively asking for a 'lite' version I still get the full application. I thought possibly something was getting cached somewhere so I deleted the makefile, makefile.debug, makefile.release and everything in the debug and release folders, cleaned the project, ran qmake and built the project again. But I still got the full application. I repeated this a couple of times and on the last time I got my lite version. So I uncommented the config line again and now cannot get the full version back!

    I believe the code is right in the .pro file but am I missing something when making changes to it?
    Thanks, C.

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    Default Re: conditional includes in pro file

    Here is a simple way to have conditional .pro file options:
    Qt Code:
    1. // *.pro
    2. contains(opt,x) {
    3. SOURCES += x_file.cpp
    4. ....
    5. } else {
    6. SOURCES += no_x_file.cpp
    7. ...
    8. }
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    When building your project, you can simply activate the "x" option by using qmake parameter:
    Qt Code:
    1. // this will cause x_file.cpp to be compiled
    2. qmake opt=x
    4. // this will skip x_file.cpp and add no_x_file.cpp
    5. qmake
    6. // or
    7. qmake opt=<anything but x>
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