I am C++ Desktop developer from Portugal, 37, looking for work in Europe. I would prefer Germany. But other locations are ok.
I never used qt, so I am looking for a junior qt role.
Here is my work experience by skill:

Visual C++ 3 years
C++ on UNIX 9 months
win32 3 years
Sockets 2 years
Multithreading on Windows 1 year
MFC 1 year
PHP, HTML & CSS 6 months
MySQL 6 months
Javascript, jQuery & Ajax 6 months
Tcl/Tk 2 years 6 months
Oracle 6 months
Installshield 1 year
Unix Shell script 6 months

Skills developed at home:
Python, Ubuntu Linux administration.

I am also the developer of a Desktop online dating platform that you can download here:

This platform was developed in C++ an python.

Please reply to this message if interested, and I will send you my word CV with photo.