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Thread: [solved]jom exit with code 2 without any errors.

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    Default [solved]jom exit with code 2 without any errors.

    On my system I can compile and run any project successfully. Except the one I am working on. Since it is giving absolutely no errors, I cannot find where in to look. The last big piece of change I did before the project stopped compiling and running, was to introduce QSharedPointer<QScriptEngine>. QScriptEngine is forward declared where I declare QSharedPointer<QScriptEngine>. It raises the warning as expected:
    C4150: deletion of pointer to complete type QScriptEngine; no destructor called.
    Since QScriptEngine is forward declared, it is expected. Compiler doesn't know about class and is cribbing by giving a warning.
    There is nothing more other than this.
    I tried usual clean, rebuild, delete pro.user file, etc. making sure Clear System environment is unchecked etc.
    Any idea where I should begin investigating??!!

    Ok. I have found the problem. It is kind of stupid. As it is almost always with these type of errors.
    While introducing
    Qt Code:
    1. public slots:
    2. void someFunction()
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    I forgot to write public: for the data under!!!
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