Hi ,

In my application jpg image is not displaying in arm-linux based embedded device, while png and gif images are displaying properly.
We are using Qt-4.7.4 .

I know for displaying jpg and gif we have to put plugins(libqjpeg.so and libqgif.so) in imageformats and that imageformats
we have to put in the executable's directory. So i have put plugins in proper place.

If it is a plugings problem, then gif images also should not display, but gif images are displaying properly.

One more strange is that, when we have reconfigure Qt library with -qt-libjpeg and deploying new plugins(libqjpeg.so) there, then
it is giving "segmentation fault" during execution at the line when we are creating QPixmap object with jpeg images.
But same application was not giving any "segmentation fault", when we had configured Qt library without any jpeg argument. At
that time only jpeg images are not displaying.

Thanks in advance,