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Thread: Passing a QPainter to a QtScript

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    Default Passing a QPainter to a QtScript


    I am trying to make some painting inside my QtScript. My main issue is to be able to transfer a QPainter object from the C++ code to the QtScript I am executing. It would be trivial if QPainter was a QObject, but since it is not, I am looking for an easy way to make QPainter’s method accessible from inside the QtScript (e.g. QPainter::fillRect(), QPainter::setBrush()). Is there any easy way to do it? I would like avoiding to create by hand the QPainter wrapper and registering myself all the available methods. It seems someone has already done it, but I cannot find a nice C++ code. (code in /plasma/scriptengines/javascript/simplebindings wraps QPainter by hand, hardcore!)

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    Default Re: Passing a QPainter to a QtScript

    What you need is Qt Script Bindings generator. It has a license problem though. GPL. But you can always look at the generated code which introduces the classes to script and hand code yourself.

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