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Thread: Qt Build Problem with OpenSSL using MinGW

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    Default Qt Build Problem with OpenSSL using MinGW

    Hi all,

    I’ve tried to build Qt with OpenSSL using MinGW. But the following warning has been thrown at the stage of configure.exe. Also the mingw32-make of next stage has been failed. How can I get this MSVC warning although it is configured by MinGW (GCC compiler). I’ve used OpenSSL binaries (Win64OpenSSL-1_0_1c.exe), can it the reason of problem? Must I build the openssl from it’s source with MinGW?

    generators/win32/msvc_vcproj.cpp:77 non-local variable ‘<anonymous struct> dotNetCombo []’ uses anonymous type

    configure.exe -shared -debug-and-release -opensource -confirm-license -platform win32-g++ -no-exceptions -no-qt3support -qt-sql-sqlite -qt-zlib -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -no-webkit -nomake tests -nomake demos -nomake examples -openssl-linked -I C:\OpenSSL\include -L C:\OpenSSL\lib

    Thans advance for your helps and clarifications,

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    Default Re: Qt Build Problem with OpenSSL using MinGW

    maybe try with -no-vcproj
    If you have a problem, CUT and PASTE your code. Do not retype or simplify it. Give a COMPLETE and COMPILABLE example of your problem. Otherwise we are all guessing the problem from a fabrication where relevant details are often missing.

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    Default Re: Qt Build Problem with OpenSSL using MinGW

    Are you using a 64-bit MingW? If not then using a 64-bit OpenSSL library is not likely to be be productive.

    The warning is coming from building the code in qmake that allows generating a VC project, not from VC itself. It's only a warning, not an error.

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